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Customer flows require that tools for EDA vendors interoperate. A basic requirement for this methodology is a common compute platform. By focusing the efforts of the EDA community onto key compute operating systems, the Interoperability Committee seeks to define a stable, interoperable environment for tools and streamline the resources required to support these environments. The EDA Industry OS Roadmap presents guidelines to EDA vendors and customers for compute platforms to target for design starts.

The roadmap shows when key EDA flows on flagship products are supported on an OS. The goal is to show when a complete tool flow will be ready on the latest OS. For information on OS/Platform support by individual EDA Consortium member companies, click on the company logos below to see their specific plans.

Members of EDAC will gain access to O/S vendors roadmaps. Smaller EDAC vendors will benefit from being able to view the support plans of the large EDA vendors so that target their own support resources accordingly.

The EDA Industry OS Roadmap (Updated Semi-Annually):


Guideline for x86 64-bit Windows
OS Version OS Vendor General Availability Design Start Status
Windows 7 October 2009 Active
Windows 8 October 2012 Active


Guideline for x86 64-bit Linux
OS Version OS Vendor General Availability Design Start Status
RHEL 6 November 2012 Active
SLES 11 March 2009 Active

*EDA tool suppliers may exceed the Roadmap baselines. Future dates are subject to change.

Active: Currently supported and recommended for design starts.
Deprecated: Currently supported, but not recommended for new design starts.
Future: Not currently supported, but support is planned by the indicated date.

Links to Support Plans EDA Companies (This list represents over 80% of the industry’s revenue):

Atrenta Aldec Ansys/Apache Cadence Concept Engineering
Fintronic Jasper Keysight (Formerly Agilent) Mathworks Mentor Graphics
Real Intent Sagantec Sigasi Synopsys