EDA Consortium EDA Marketing Forum at DAC

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Sixth Annual EDA Marketing Forum at DAC
Previously: The Hacks and Flacks Roundtable

New Media: What Does It Mean and How Have
We Started To Use It To Reach Our Decision Makers?

Last year’s Marketing Forum panel addressed the changes happening in the media covering EDA. This year with the changes that have occurred in the media landscape and research indicating that > 90% of new product information is first gathered through internet searches, we find companies are experimenting with alternative ways to reach their audiences.

Join a panel of experts from the marketing, engineering, publishing, and new media distribution arenas for a discussion on how to work in the new and still-changing new media landscape. Panelists will describe how they are using both so-called “new media” (web, web 2.0, blogs, RSS, online videos, etc.) as well as traditional print media to get their messages out, and how they expect to evolve their message delivery in the coming months and years. The questions we will address include:

  • How useful are these new media for a high-technology, high-price, long sales-cycle product?
  • How has the high tech industry, especially semiconductor and EDA, embraced this new media and what results are they seeing?
  • What should a "new media press release" look like? Is this new format effective? Is there still a place for the traditional press release?
  • Is there a cost savings with "new media" than traditional approaches?
  • Is "new media" useful for a startup with limited bandwidth and $$ in terms of cost of production, interactivity, RSS feed responses, blog monitoring, etc.?

Please join us for Breakfast, Thursday, June 12th, at 8:00 a.m.

Scott Sander, President and CEO, Novas

Rich Goldman, VP of Strategic Market Development, Synopsys
Limor Fix, Intel Research
Monika Maeckle, VP of New Media, Business Wire
Rhonda McGee, Director of Research, Reed Business Information

Date and Time:
Thursday, June 12th, 2008
8:00 - 9:00 am

Anaheim Convention Center
Room 207D

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